Filmblanc is an international film production company created by Noemi Weis in 1998 with a clear mission of bringing the world together. Before globalization was a common term and long before emails were the way of communication, Noemi Weis envisioned an interconnected partnerships between producers from around the world in order to nurture and provide creative people the means to produce their dreams anywhere in the world. With much success, Filmblanc has created associations in 20 markets around the globe, bringing people together under one roof that at times encompasses travel to and from various different continents. In the ensuing years, Filmblanc has effectively worked in virtually all forms of production from commercials and corporate to service productions of all forms, then adding as a natural progression, the production of social justice and human rights films in 2004. Since then, Filmblanc is proud to have successfully brought forward the voices of the world’s most vulnerable and those in greatest need of an advocate by covering issues surrounding women and children’s rights, domestic violence, gay rights, education and violence, both in Canada and around the world. All of Filmblanc’s films have garnered and continue to generate international attention and awards, but more importantly, they have helped to make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals, communities, organizations and education. As a multiple award winning, entrepreneurial and visionary company with a pristine track record of excellence, Filmblanc continues to create and develop films to promote human rights and social justice.

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