MILK Educational Program

MILK Educational Program

According to UNICEF and WHO, 2.25 MILLION children die every year due to malnutrition, of those, over 800,000 babies die every year due to not breastfeeding. And OVER 280,000 women die every year due to complications during pregnancy and birth

Climate-caused migration is affecting hundreds of millions of people internally displaced or stateless people, many of whom are children. Since 2020, the number of people displaced due to natural disasters and extreme weather events jumped to 30.7 million.

The Milk Education Program will focus on emergency preparedness for young families and how marketing impacts infant feeding decisions.

In partnership with
Safely Fed Canada and the support from the TELUS FUND & Filmblanc,
we are pleased to offer a series of MILK screenings followed by a workshop/training session.

Upcoming MILK screenings and workshops

Please join us and stay tuned for more to come! If you would like further information, please reach out to:

Please join us! Together we can create a healthier society